I began losing hair in nickel size patches at the crown of my head that started in September 2008 and started extending into my part area as the months went on. The dermatologist told me more or less this is “female pattern baldness, live with it.” My PCP gave me a steroid medication which initially grew a little bit of the hair but the steroid thinned the skin in my opinion, and what little hair grew back fell out any time you put curlers in it, barrettes, etc. I did not know where to turn. I admit I was leery at first of the claim that cool lasers could regrow hair but was frantic over this hair loss that progressively kept getting worst and decided to give it a try. Now I am so glad I did, after just 14 treatments I feel 90% of my hair follicles have grown hair rapidly and I am only half way through my treatments. After only 2 treatments, I saw tiny black dots forming in my follicles which to my amazement began growing within 2 weeks. I was shocked and thrilled. After only 14 treatments now, I have no bald spots at all in the back of my head, the growth is already 2+ inches long and my part is filling in. My hair is strong, healthy and there is honestly not one spot on the crown of my head where the skin is showing through.

I used to try and comb my hair and spray it over my balding patches to no avail and now having this hair regrowth has made me feel more confident, and not self-conscious at all and I would love for everyone to know how amazing this treatment is. I don’t think a lot of people know this is even available and like me. Even if they did hear of it, are skeptical, but I am living proof of how effective low level laser hair therapy is. I wish someone had told me sooner about New Image Hair Clinic. I am very pleased and would recommend this to anyone with thinning hair or hair loss. Thanks again Brad, if you have anybody that is undecided about going with low level laser and they are skeptical, feel free to have them call me and I will be happy to relate to them my experience as I am so thrilled about all this new growth.

Diane Maxymzcak


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