07 / 31 / 13

Can the Sun Damage My Scalp and Lead to Hair Loss?

With Summer in full swing, there’s no doubt everyone’s out absorbing the “feel good” rays by the pool, baseball fields, or even the beach. If you live in the north, like we do, chances are you’re outside every opportunity you can get. The reality, however, is that these feel good rays are not your friend. Ever heard of the phrase, “You shouldn’t have too much of a good thing?” Well that definitely applies to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

The suns rays aren’t exactly skin friendly and the damage these rays produce to your skin, scalp and eyes are cumulative. Sure, you’ve probably heard of these warnings before but many of us wait till it’s too late to start taking action and protecting our bodies.

The Damage

Protecting your scalp is just as important as protecting the rest of your bodies skin. When your scalp gets burnt by the sun, it damages the protective oils and cellular structure and may trigger the production of a compound called superoxide that may cause hair follicles to switch from the growth phase to the shedding phase, which may increase the chances of hair loss. Excessive sun damage may also lead to dry, weak and brittle hair.

New Image Suggests

New Image Hair Clinic suggests taking the proactive stance on sun damage and committing yourself to using the proper amount of protection thereby reducing the potential harm you may be subjecting yourself too. Remember, your best line of defense is a good hat, the bigger the better. If hats aren’t for you then invest in a great sunblock spray that will be easy to apply and allow you to massage into your scalp. For best results, The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a leave in conditioner that contains zinc-oxide. If you want more advice on how you can help protect yourself, call us at New Image Hair Clinic.

At New Image Hair Clinic, you matter. How you feel about your hair loss and making the right choice to solve it matters. We encourage you to take the time and review your options. Then come in for a no cost, no obligation private hair loss consultation.