05 / 29 / 13

Celebrity Hair Loss Secrets

It’s no secret our culture is obsessed with celebrities and their rock star good looks. In fact, most people believe there are beauty secrets out there celebrities’ use that are unbeknownst to the public. But the question is what their secret is when it comes to hair loss? What are their secrets and why does it always seem like they never have a bad hair day?

The real secret is....THERE ARE NO SECRETS. Celebrities face the same obstacles as you when it comes to hair loss. The only thing different is they have the right information on what to do to take care of it and they act sooner rather than later, which in the world of hair restoration, is absolutely crucial.

While hair loss is typically associated with men, it also occurs in countless women. Here’s what you need to know about fighting hair loss and keeping your luscious locks.


Stress and poor diet can accelerate hair loss. Make sure you’re eating foods with necessary vitamins and nutrients. You want the right amount of vitamins to be reaching your hair follicles in healthy quantities.


Stay clear of chemicals like peroxide and styling products that contain lauryl sulfate. Over use of chemicals and flat irons can cause damage to your scalp and follicles.


Excessive stress due to illness, work, family or friends can interrupt your hair natural growth cycle. In fact, stress can cause large areas of your hair to fall out. The good news is that, in most cases, the hair will grow back when your stress goes away.

Excessive Washing

Washing your hair multiple times a day can hamper hair growth due to natural oils on the scalp being removed. Instead, try washing your hair 2-3 times per week and don’t use a shampoo with unnecessary chemicals.

Sleep and Exercise

Regular exercise reduces the amount of hormone adrenaline in your body. If you have too much of this hormone in your body it can cause undue stress and hair loss. Therefore releasing it will alleviate your stress while also creating a better sleep cycle for your overall health.

If you’re committed to these tips but still see your hair thinning then it may be time to see a consultant.

Thankfully, there are ways that may help further prevent hair loss and even restore your hair! At New Image Hair Clinic, you matter. How you feel about your hair loss and making the right choice to solve it matters. We encourage you to take the time and review your options. Then come in for a no cost, no obligation private hair loss consultation.