Common Early Signs of Hair Loss
10 / 24 / 18

Common Early Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a gradual process that happens over a period of time. However, many people may not know the signs to look for to indicate that their hair is changing. It is a good idea to catch early signs of hair loss as soon as possible in order to find the best solution. Below, we will take a look at some of the signs to keep an eye out for as well as what can be done regarding early signs of hair loss.

There is a Lot of Hair on Your Pillow

While it is perfectly normal to wake up in the morning and discover a few strands of hair on your pillow, it may be that there is excessive hair each morning. Don't panic if there is a small amount, however, if you notice that the normal amount of hair that you lose each day is increasing, it may be an early sign of hair loss.

You Lose Excessive Hair When Combing or Washing Your Hair

Are you noticing a lot of hair in the shower drain? Or is hair actually coming out in your hands or your comb? If this is the case, it may be a sign that you are losing your hair. Or, it may be that you run your fingers through your hair and quite a few strands come out. Perhaps, you notice that clumps of hair are falling out at a time. This is also an early sign of hair loss. Be mindful of the hair that you lose during the daily activities of washing or combing.

Receding Hairline

Does it seem that each time you look in the mirror, your hairline is moving farther and farther back? A receding hairline is often an early indicator of hair loss. Keep in mind that hair loss is also linked to genetics, so if a number of your family members have lost or are losing hair, and you are noticing a receding hairline, chances are that you are experiencing the loss of your hair.

Hair is Thinning

It is possible that your hair was thick at one time, and you are experiencing noticeable thinning. Having less hair is often an early sign of hair loss. This typically happens in the crown area, however, the hair may thin in all areas of the head when the loss of hair is occurring.

Your Hair Does Not Grow as Quickly

Was there a time in your life when you used to need a haircut like clockwork, such as once a month or so? Are you now noticing that more time is elapsing between haircuts? It may be that hair loss is the cause of this. When the hair is falling out at a faster rate than normal and is not growing back as quickly, it is an early sign of hair loss.

Your Part is Getting Wider

Many people, especially women, find that when they are experiencing hair loss, the part in their hair gets wider as the hair thins. When you feel that this may be happening, pay close attention to the hair all over the head, as you may be in the early stages of hair loss.

Sunburned Scalp

It is quite possible that men or women who find that their scalp is burning quite easily in the sun may be experiencing an early sign of hair loss, especially if this has never happened before. Be aware of redness or burning on your head, especially if you think that the hair may be falling out or thinning.

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