07 / 27 / 22

What's the Difference Between Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement?

If you are experiencing hair loss and looking for answers, at New Image Hair Clinic, we can help you find a solution. Our team of professionals are experts in all aspects of hair care and have solutions available for all types of hair loss at any stage. One question people dealing with hair loss often ask us is, "What's the difference between hair extensions and hair replacement?"

What Are Hair Extensions?

Sometimes referred to as hair integrations or weaves, hair extensions are an easy and popular way to add length and fullness to your hair. Hair extensions provide the opportunity to go from shoulder-length hair in the morning to waist-length waves at night.

In addition to being a quick way to change your hairstyle, hair extensions also provide an effective solution for men and women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Hair extensions can give you longer hair that looks natural and hide areas with noticeable hair loss.

Hair extensions are applied with several different techniques. The most common include fusion hair extensions, tape-in extensions, and weave hair extensions. Each of these methods can provide excellent results when that hair is attached by a professional, although they vary in cost and the length of time they will last.

The fusion method involves using heat to fuse natural or artificial strands of hair with your natural hair. This method can take several hours to perform, and while the most expensive, the hair extensions last the longest, up to four months.

The tape-in method uses a special double-sided tape to attach sections of hair to your natural hair. Tape-in extensions are less expensive and can work with all hair types. While you can often reuse the same extensions, they must be reapplied every six to eight weeks.

One of the most common and least expensive methods is the weave method, which can last up to three months. This technique involves braiding your natural hair and sewing tufts of hair into the braids using thread. Weave extensions work best with coarse, thick, or curly hair that can support the cornrow braids used to attach the weave.

Hair extensions are made from human or synthetic hair, with natural hair extensions being more expensive than synthetic hair. Either way, the wide range of hair extensions available enables you to closely match the color and texture of your natural hair.

What Is Hair Replacement?

Hair replacement is a term that encompasses several treatments and procedures used to make up for hair loss. We offer several hair replacement options at New Image Hair Clinic, including hair restoration systems for men and women.

One of the most popular and effective solutions is our proprietary hair restoration systems. Hair restoration systems are a non-surgical hair replacement system that targets places on your scalp where you are losing hair. This solution naturally integrates where thinning and baldness are occurring, enabling you to achieve a full, thick, natural-looking head of hair again.

In addition to several other non-surgical solutions, we also offer the most advanced hair transplant procedures available for men and women. The hair transplant process involves taking hairs from the side or back of your scalp and transplanting them to areas where your hair has begun to thin. This simple procedure results in new hair growth that will be permanent and natural looking.

What Is the Best Solution for You?

Hair extensions and hair replacement serve as effective solutions for hair loss. Hair extensions are a non-invasive method of hiding thinning hair or adding length or volume, while hair replacement is method of hiding more advanced non-invasive hair loss by using a hair restoration system that naturally integrates with your skin. You can also opt for a hair transplant procedure.

Whether you are just beginning to notice thinning hair or your hair loss condition has been progressing for some time, we have solutions for you. The best way to determine which option is the best for you and your needs is to contact us today and schedule a FREE initial consultation with our team of professionals.