• With Summer in full swing, there’s no doubt everyone’s out absorbing the “feel good” rays by the pool, baseball fields, or even the beach. If you live in the north, like we do, chances are you’re outside every opportunity you can get. The reality, however, is that these feel good rays are not your friend. Ever heard of the phrase, “You shouldn’t have too much of a good thing?” Well that definitely applies to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

  • Does Dieting Affect Hair Loss?

    Monday, 01 July 2013 05:00

    It should be no surprise that the best kept secret for healthy hair is a well-balanced diet. Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs a balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In this months blog post, New Image Hair Clinic will tell you the pros and cons of eating right and how it relates to the overall well-being of your hair.

  • Does Birth Control Cause Hair Loss?

    Thursday, 27 June 2013 05:00

    Like it or not, oral contraception has been part of American culture since the FDA approved it in 1960. It’s become one of the most popular forms of birth control and doesn’t look like its going anywhere soon. With all that said, what are the negative effects of it? Is it linked to hair loss or is that just a myth?

  • Stress and Its Effects on Hair Loss

    Thursday, 13 June 2013 05:00

    We’ve all heard the stories of hard working men and women whose stressful lives have lead to a head full of grey hair and/or hair loss. The question there a correlation between the two?

  • Celebrity Hair Loss Secrets

    Wednesday, 29 May 2013 05:00

    It’s no secret our culture is obsessed with celebrities and their rock star good looks. In fact, most people believe there are beauty secrets out there celebrities’ use that are unbeknownst to the public. But the question is what their secret is when it comes to hair loss? What are their secrets and why does it always seem like they never have a bad hair day?

  • Do Lotions Really Work For Hair Loss?

    Friday, 05 April 2013 05:00

    There are hundreds of “lotions and potions” on the market today that claim to solve all your hair loss problems. The fact is, hair re-growth is a multi-billion dollar a year industry with promises that don’t always work. This month, New Image Hair Clinic gets to the bottom of what DOES work...

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  • I began losing hair in nickel size patches at the crown of my head that started in September 2008 and started extending into my part area as the months went on. The dermatologist told me more or less this is…
    Diane Maxymzcak
  • I am getting compliments every day on how great I look. I especially have to tell you a story about the barber I used to go to. I have been taking my two sons to the same barber I’ve been…
    Scott S.
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