• Can Caffeine Cure Hair Loss?

    Tuesday, 23 June 2020 00:00

    You may have heard recently that caffeine has been shown to positively effect hair growth and hair loss. You may have even noticed the recent release into the market of hair care product infused with caffeine. And while you have only recently heard about it, research studies released in 2014 are the source behind the growing interest in caffeine and hair. Given the growing interest, let’s explore how caffeine works in regard to hair growth and determine if caffeine can indeed cure hair loss.

  • Follicular Transfer, also known as FT, and is a state-of-the-art hair restoration treatment. It is also called an FUE (Follicular Unit Excision or Follicular Unit Extraction). The technique transplants small numbers of hair follicles from areas of the scalp where they continue to grow genetically for life. When considering hair restoration treatments, the most common question asked is whether follicular transfer is a permanent hair loss treatment. New Image Hair Clinic is here today to help you find out!

  • Vitamins to Reduce Hair Loss

    Tuesday, 26 May 2020 00:00

    You probably know that some hair loss is normal, as your hair follicles go through the normal process of growing, shedding, and resting. This growth cycle means everyone loses 50 to 150 hairs on a daily basis. If you feel your hair loss is abnormal, it is important to discover the underlying cause in order to find the needed solution. Hair loss can be the result of a poor diet, a hormonal imbalance, an illness, medication, stress, or even over-styling. Each of these or a combination of these can result in a disruption of your hair’s normal growth cycle and ultimately prevent new hair growth.

  • Facts Balding Men Should Know

    Friday, 08 May 2020 00:00

    If every time you look in the mirror, it appears your hairline has further receded, you are not alone. In fact, you are in good company, among nearly 50 million other American men. There is no need to feel self-conscious or isolated, because you don’t have to live with hair loss, and New Image Hair Clinic can help. Here’s what you need to know!

  • Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

    Monday, 20 April 2020 00:00

    To answer the question simply, stress and hair loss are often associated. In truth, it is common for your hair to change in thickness and texture over the course of your life. An increase in hair loss or a change in hair texture can be caused by a number of factors – from genetics to aging, illness to stress. If you hair loss is a result of stress and anxiety, there are steps you can take to help.

  • Does Lupus Cause Hair Loss?

    Tuesday, 07 April 2020 00:00

    The short answer is yes, lupus can cause hair loss. Lupus, while a condition with a number of symptoms, causes widespread inflammation. Alopecia, or hair loss, is one of the symptoms of lupus, effecting up to 45 percent of individuals diagnosed with the disease. Hair loss is often one of the early symptoms of lupus.

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  • I was taken back and very humbled by your thoughtfulness and generosity to donate your gift exchange money to the ALS Association. What a wonderful thing to do! Your money will be put to good use to hopefully find a…
  • I began losing hair in nickel size patches at the crown of my head that started in September 2008 and started extending into my part area as the months went on. The dermatologist told me more or less this is…
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