Hair Loss and Cancer: Getting Started

Hair Loss and Cancer: Getting Started

Although cancer treatments are lifesaving programs, they often come with difficult side effects. Hair loss is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatments. And while the effects of cancer are difficult for anyone, women battling breast cancer often find hair loss to be an especially tough hurdle. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to assure you that hair loss is both treatable and reversible. As you defeat breast cancer, New Image Hair Clinic will be by your side to boost your confidence with a unique hair loss solution that fits both you and your cancer treatments.

Ask for advice BEFORE treatment

After speaking with your doctor about your treatment plan, book a consultation with New Image's hair loss experts. It is important to seek advice before cancer treatments begin. Doing so will allow your hair consultant to craft a program in tandem with your cancer treatments. In order to mask the effect of your hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy, we can create a wig or another temporary solution. We will also use this time to guide you through the process of eventual hair loss treatment. Getting a good head start will give a renewed sense of optimism that life after cancer will be just as beautiful as it was before.

Decide on a temporary hair style

Chemotherapy is already difficult. A temporary hair style can ease the burden of hair loss while undergoing cancer treatments. The most popular way to temporarily mask hair loss is to be fitted with a custom wig. At New Image Hair Clinic, our custom wigs are beautiful, life-like, and low maintenance. We can even create a wig that matches your natural hair color and texture.

The secret to a great wig is to ensure that it fits properly. In the early days of your cancer treatment, we will measure the shape and contours of your head. With the proper fit, no one will even notice that you are wearing a wig! To make the wig even more realistic, we will also take a small clipping of your natural hair to match the wig in color and texture. 

Not sure about just one wig? You can also have a variety of wigs created. Now is the perfect time to experiment with that bold color or cut you've always wanted! Anther temporary solution is to opt for a short haircut that will adapt to your cancer treatments. A short haircut can also buy some time while your custom wigs are being ordered and created.

Prepare for hair loss treatment

At the beginning of your cancer treatments, we will craft your unique hair loss plan. Everyone's experience and reactions to their treatment is different, so we'll design a hair loss treatment plan that's unique to you. Whether you have lost all of your hair or just patches of it, New Image Hair Clinic is sure to have the right hair loss solution for you. After your initial consultation, we will continue to guide you through the steps necessary to replace your lost hair. 

Once your cancer treatments are complete, it will be time to celebrate! With your body once again feeling good, New Image will complete your cancer journey with a boost to your exterior appearance. Your unique hair loss solution will provide renewed confidence and will ensure that you still look, and feel like "you."

No matter the consequences of chemotherapy to your hair, New Image has a solution that's right for you. Our hair consultants can ensure that the treatment you receive is non-invasive, tailored to your hair loss situation and, overall, a pleasant experience.

To get started on your hair loss solution, contact New Image Hair Clinic today to schedule a consultation.


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