Predicting Men's Risk For Baldness: Can It Be Done?

Predicting Men's Risk For Baldness: Can It Be Done?

You're still relatively young and you still have a healthy head of hair, but so did many of the guys you went to high school with, and some of them are balding now! Is it possible to predict whether you'll lose your hair as you age? The answer, at this point in time, is a solid "maybe".

We've known for some time that there's a genetic component to male hair loss. If your grandfather and your father lost their hair in their late 30s, for example, there's a good chance that you also will.

A recent study published this year links more than 250 new genetic variants to severe hair loss. In order to identify these genetic variants, the group studied more than 52,000 men between age 40 and 69, so this was no small endeavor!  Approximately 14% of the genes could be traced to the X chromosome -- the chromosome men receive from their mothers at birth. These genes predict early onset male pattern baldness tendencies, as opposed to balding that occurs later in life. Although the study doesn't provide definitive answers, it does move us a step closer to being able to accurately predict male pattern baldness, which may in turn lead to preventive measures as well as new treatments!

Other Reasons for Male Hair Loss

Aside from genetic factors, certain illnesses can indirectly cause hair loss in men. For instance, it's a well-understood fact that the main treatments for cancer -- chemotherapy and radiation -- can and usually do cause temporary hair loss. But even when hair begins to grow back, there can be problems, and it may not come back as the hair you're used to. Less understood is the fact that many drugs prescribed for the treatment of illnesses like depression, heart disease, arthritis, and others can have a similarly negative impact on hair growth.

If your hair loss occurs in your later years (after age 55, for example), the causes can be hormone-driven, as levels of male hormones like testosterone and progesterone decrease and cause physical changes to occur.

Emotional Side Effects of Hair Loss

Living with hair loss can be both stressful and embarrassing for most men. It can make a man feel self-conscious and cause him to lose his self-confidence, at least to some extent. Many men feel that they don't look as good without a full head of hair, and this can lead to feelings of sadness or even a sense of hopelessness.

Some Very Good News!

If you're a man who's experiencing hair loss, we've got some really good news to share! You don't have to put up with the emotional side effects of hair loss or just "accept" your current situation as permanent. New Image Hair Clinic has helped thousands in the Tri-State area with hair restoration solutions for men they may not have even known existed! We at New Image Hair Clinic are extremely proud to be Pennsylvania’s premier hair restoration source for those who were beginning to think that their "best days" were behind them! Hair restoration solutions are constantly evolving and improving, and at New Image Hair Clinic, we're constantly training to stay on top of them. That means that we're always ready to help you with solutions tailored to each individual man, rather than relying on any "one size fits all" remedy. Why not take the first step and contact us today for a free hair and scalp analysis? We know you'll be glad that you did!


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