Is Predicting Men's Risk for Baldness Possible?

Is Predicting Men's Risk for Baldness Possible?

If you're experiencing hair loss, there's no surprise you want to find out if your hair loss is the cause of genetics. Fairly extensive studies have concluded that yes, it's mainly genetic.

However, you don't have to be alone on this hair loss journey. These are solutions out there for you. It's best to consult with qualified professionals who have decades of experience. But more on that later.

Myths And Facts About Male Hair Loss

Hair loss, like everything else, occurs for a reason. And some myths have arisen about why men go bald. Such as a bald man's father passed on hair loss to the son. Or wearing hats excessively. Or dealing with severe stress. All of these are untrue.

In reality, male hair loss occurs because genetic inheritance from both parents plays a role in the son's hair situation. This is no surprise, because other genetic traits come from both parents as well.

As for how a man treats his hair, this can lead to unpleasant hair issues. Using hair treatments for aesthetic purposes too often (coloring, heat treating, etc) can also cause damage to hair, including hair loss.

And although rare, a very poor diet can withhold from the hair follicles the nutrients that are vital for a full head of hair.

Finally, while severe anxiety can affect hormonal balance and contribute to hair loss, not everyone experiencing severe stress deals with hair loss.

The Real Causes Of Male Hair Loss

Eliminating health issues, male pattern baldness is a genetically "rooted" condition. Simply stated, the healthiest male can experience this situation by genetics. And some genetics are better than others.

As mentioned in the section above, we don't have to go too deeply into our ancestry. If we can be the next generation of people with thinning hair, we are prime candidates for male hair loss.

There are Solutions for You

At New Image Hair Clinic, we have the most advanced hair loss treatments that are customized to your specific type of hair loss. Here's a partial list:

Laser Hair Therapy- Laser Hair Therapy uses a low-level laser machine that can be used as a comb or helmet in the comfort of your own home. Laser Hair Therapy helps fosters new hair growth and stimulates hair follicles.
Wigs- A wig is a non-surgical solution to hair loss. A wig made using today's technology is vastly superior to yesteryear's hair tonic.
iHair- Staying in the non-surgical category, we find iHair. It focuses specifically on the areas where hair loss is occurring.
Biomembrane Hair System- Although this method is non-surgical, it literally involves a new layer of scalp into which individual strands of hair are implanted.
Follistrand Hair Integration- Another non-surgical method utilizing one hundred percent human hair, or an appropriate combination of human and synthetic strands.

This overview of some available solutions can help with your hair loss, but to find the best one for your type of hair loss, we recommend seeing your local hair loss specialist for a free consultation. Then you can get started on the best solution for you!

Take Action Now

Regardless of the cause of our male hair loss, solutions are here, now. Whether proprietary or state-of-the-art techniques honed by the latest technology, we provide over a dozen options tailored to your unique situation. Our staff has over 230 years of combined experience in successful hair treatments.

From hair loss prevention to hair loss treatments, we've been helping men and women overcome hair loss hurdles since 1969. So to start or resume the lifestyle you want, contact us today for a free confidential in-person consultation.


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