New Image Hair Clinics' Frank Petrosky Celebrates 50th Year Anniversary

New Image Hair Clinics' Frank Petrosky Celebrates 50th Year Anniversary

At the age of twenty-four, Frank Petrosky began experiencing hair loss. As with many who suffer hair loss at an early age, this experience caused a devastating blow to Frank's self-esteem and sense of well-being as a young man. But in 1969, Frank stumbled upon an article about a new technique for hair loss restoration that changed his life profoundly, charting a new course for the direction of his life and career in the decades to come.

After undergoing this early hair weaving restoration technique he'd read about in 1969, Frank experience first-hand the compelling impact that hair restoration can have on a person's well-being, not only restoring his formerly full head of hair, but his self-assurance as well. But more than leaving Frank with a newly restored sense of confidence in himself, this experience left him with a new sense of purpose, one that changed the direction of his life forever. From that day forward, Frank decided to dedicate himself to finding the most innovative new technologies in hair restoration available and to providing others suffering from devastating hair loss with the best, most effective hair restoration solutions through personalized care as possible to relieve their suffering as well.

Since 1969, Frank has devoted his life to discovering the most cutting edge and effective new innovations in hair restoration, putting them to use in his clinic. He spent the next fifty years building on his promise of restoring his clients happiness and hair in the most natural and effective way possible, traveling across America and Europe in search of ongoing training and education, and earning every certification in non-medical hair restoration available to him. In 1981, he and his wife Lori brought the skills and innovations he'd discovered to fruition by founding the New Image Hair Clinic, quickly becoming Pennsylvania's premier source of hair restoration solutions for the many clients experiencing hair loss that crossed his Clinic doors. Using his well-earned stature as an industry leader in hair restoration, Frank has since built a reputation as an innovator in hair restorative techniques, becoming instrumental in the development of new innovations in hair restoration technologies that have proven not only safe and effective, but also provide the natural look and feel of one's own naturally growing hair. Now, thirty-three years later, New Image Hair Clinic founder Frank Petrosky celebrates nearly half a century as one of the industrustries most well-respected and admired leaders in innovative hair restoration technologies!

For the past fifty years, Frank and his wife Lori, along with their staff at New Image Hair Clinic have remained steadfastly committed to fulfilling Frank's original promise to always put their clients needs first. In fact, this has been the cornerstone on which the New Image Hair Clinic was built. Over the five decades since Frank first discovered a solution to his personal hair loss, Frank and Lori's goals for their clinic have remained the same: provide the personalized attention needed to meet their client's expectations, using the best hair restoration solutions available and investing in ongoing training for all of their staff, utilizing the most current and proven hair restoration technologies on the market to deliver the happiness and personal satisfaction that each and every one of their hair restoration clients deserves.

As we embark in 2019, please join us in our celebration of New Image Hair Clinic founder, Frank Petrosky's 50th year anniversary as one of the industries proven leaders in providing cutting edge hair restoration solutions and personalized care to clients throughout the Pennsylvania area! To learn more about our celebration of Frank's 50 years of cutting-edge hair restoration solutions, or for anything else, please contact us.


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  • Thank you so much for your patience and all your answers to my questions. My “new me” has made me feel so much better about myself. I can’t thank you enough.
    Terri Young
  • I began losing hair in nickel size patches at the crown of my head that started in September 2008 and started extending into my part area as the months went on. The dermatologist told me more or less this is…
    Diane Maxymzcak
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