New Image Hair Clinic Partners with Variety Children’s Charity My Bike Program

New Image Hair Clinic Partners with Variety Children’s Charity My Bike Program

Recently, New Image Hair Clinic had an opportunity to partner with Variety-The Children's Charity, a non-profit organization helping to improve the lives of kids with disabilities by providing them with custom-made bikes, strollers and communication devices. In partnership with local businesses and individuals, Variety gifts a local child with a disability a custom-designed device from one of their signature programs (My Voice, My Bike and My Stroller programs). The goal of these programs is to promote mobility, communication, and social interaction in children with disabilities, allowing each child to live life to its fullest, no matter what their disability may be- Helping kids, Be kids.

Children with disabilities often face distinct challenges, overcoming obstacles that others without disabilities may completely overlook, and sometimes miss out on the typical experiences that every child should enjoy. Through Variety's three signature programs, kids with disabilities have the opportunity to discover the possibilities for their own lives, allowing them to truly be a kid first.

New Image Hair Clinic Partners with Variety Children’s Charity My Bike Program

Variety the Children's Charity's three Signature Programs:

My Bike Program: In November 2012, Variety started the My Bike Program to provided individually tailored adaptive bikes for eligible kids with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to experience the same feelings of joy, freedom, and fun that most of us felt from riding a bike as a kid. The sense of accomplishment that kids with disabilities feel from learning to ride a bike can often lead to a greater sense of confidence and independence, boosting their self-esteem, and helping to create memorable moments that the whole family can enjoy.

My Stroller Program: Since November, 2014, the My Stroller program has sought to provide individually customized adaptive strollers to eligible children for better on-the-go mobility and participation in activities. These light-weight, easy to maneuver and store custom-designed strollers offer parents and children with physical disabilities a safer, more accessible alternative to typical wheelchairs or other standard mobility devices which can be cumbersome and not as safe when maneuvering in a crowd. These customized strollers allow kids and parents to participate and engage in activities otherwise out of reach, and can have an incredible impact on a child with mobility issues, allowing them to participate in more activities and opportunities to engage with their peers.

My Voice Program: In November 2014, the My Voice Program began providing individually designed communication devices for eligible kids living with a communication disorder to give them a voice at all times. Each device comes with its own specially designed communication app that not only enables children to communicate better, it aides in their overall education. In some cases, this tool acts as the catalyst between assisted communication and communicating all on their own. My Voice devices can transform the lives of children with communication difficulties, giving them a voice they may not otherwise have access to.

Variety The Children's Charity has been making strides in local communities throughout the Pennsylvania area and across the country, changing the lives of children with disabilities who've benefited from one of their signature programs. A recent recipient of their My Voice program, an autistic boy, received a specially outfitted iPad that allowed him to communicate with his friends and family, eventually enabling him to speak on his own. Through Variety's My Bike Program, New Image Hair Clinic was able to provide a new custom bike to a local, fourteen-year-old Pittsburgh boy this year, giving him his first opportunity to ride a bike ever. His mother shared her experience in a recent Facebook post.

New Image Hair Clinic was proud to have the opportunity, in partnership with Variety the Children's Charity, to be a part of something that had such a positive impact on Someone's life. For more information on Variety and how you can get involved in changing the life of a child with disabilities, or to learn more about their programs, visit them at their website. To learn more about New Image Hair Clinic, please contact us.


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