Best Hairstyling Ideas for Thinning Hair

Best Hairstyling Ideas for Thinning Hair

Everyone treasures the look of thick, luxurious locks as put on display by magazine cover models. However, there comes a time to face the reality of living with thin or thinning hair. Even those cover models have thinning hair, but they have stylists who know how to disguise the truth. We've compiled several hairstyles and styling tricks for thinning hair, which will help make your hair appear fuller and thicker.

Deep Side Part

One of the first styling tricks to consider is the deep side part. This approach lumps your hair on one side, which makes it appear thicker and fuller. This technique works well with a wide variety of lengths, but is best at transforming mid-length or longer hair styles. 

Thick Bangs

Incorporating thick bangs into your hairstyle is another styling tip to add fullness. Thicker bangs bring density and volume to the front of your style, which helps to cover up thinning spots. Cutting them blunt adds to the effect and combining them with a deep side part with mid-length cuts is a winning combination.

Light Layering

Most stylists flee from layering thinning hair, and for good reason. Too much layering can work against what you are trying to accomplish. However, long, choppy layers incorporated in mid-length hair can create movement and fullness. The key is adding a minimum number of layers. This trick helps frame your face in lob style cuts.

Pixie Styles

Going short tends to make your hair look thicker than it is, especially if you go with a pixie style cut. There are several variations of this style to consider.

  • Choppy Pixie. A choppy pixie gets its name from incorporating choppy layers to a shorter cut. The choppiness helps to add volume to thinning hair.
  • Dense Pixie. This variation leaves the hair longer on top, the bangs, and around the ears than some pixie cuts, which adds to the appearance of more volume.
  • Layered Pixie. Combining the choppy pixie, but without removing all the length, like in the dense pixie, produces a style with an asymmetrical, lived in look with plenty of fullness.

Bob Variations

Since shorter hair helps add the appearance of thickness, many stylists go short with thin hair, but a pixie does not suit everybody. For those not inclined toward a pixie, a bob cut might be the better choice. Here are some variations of the bob cut to consider.

  • Blunt Bob. Too much layering or layering poorly done can attract attention to thinning hair rather than disguising it. A blunt bob eliminates layering completely and their absence adds density to the look.
  • Angled Bob. Sticking to bluntness in a bob style cut, the angled bob adds a slight variation by retaining slightly more length in front than in back. This draws fullness forward to frame your face and hide thinning.
  • Side-Swept Bob. This approach is similar to the angled bob, but with a more pronounced difference between the length at the front and the length at back, while incorporating both a deep part and thick bangs. It achieves a lived-in look that hides thinning.

Lob Styles

You can risk going a bit longer and losing the volume adding effect of shorter hair by going to a lob style. Several variations of this style can help disguise thinning hair as well.

  • Classic Lob. The classic lob is similar to the blunt bob, but with more length. By blunt cutting just above the shoulders, adding a deep part and plumping up the ends a little, you can draw attention away from thinning hair.
  • Curly Lob. To achieve density with this cut, stylists utilize a triangular, one-length cut and more bangs to create a solid frame around the face, and then add in soft curls. This style adds movement and the appearance of density.

Mid-length and Long Variations

There are those who, whether thick or thin, simply cannot chop off their hair. Though shorter cuts provide more versatility for disguising thinning hair, here are some careful compromises for those who like it long.

  • Blunt Mid-length. Just like the bob and lob cuts, a blunt cut at shoulder-length makes your hair appear thicker. You can add in a deep part to this cut to add fullness as well.
  • Mid-length with Bangs. This style does not get rid of your bangs. Framing your face with thicker bangs draws attention to eye level and below rather than thinning on top.
  • Staying Long. You can stay long if you have thinning hair, but stay long all over. Those with longer hair should avoid layering or keep it to a bare minimum in order to disguise thinning.

Though it might be hard to believe, many of those magazine cover models with perfect hair actually have thin or thinning hair. They just do a better job of hiding it. So, when thick luxurious locks wane into thin or thinning hair, it might be time for a hairstyle change. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with one of our New Image Hair Clinic hair loss specialists.


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