Are Some Shampoos Contributing to Hair Loss?

Are Some Shampoos Contributing to Hair Loss?

Hair loss is natural for people. In fact, most people lose between 50 to 100 hairs a day. People don't notice this as lost hairs are replaced regularly by new growth. It is noticeable when new growth slows or stops. When this happens, the hair thinning and loss is recognized. A number of factors cause hair loss. Genetics plays an important role in hair loss. Hereditary is a natural cause of hair loss that people can't control. Some things, however, are manageable.

Medical conditions such as thyroid issues and anemia impact women's hair loss. Issues with hormones to infections affect hair growth as well. Many drugs used to treat depression, arthritis, and heart disease may lead to some hair loss. Treatment with medical professionals is a way to deal with this. Proper medical attention usually leads to stopping the hair loss, or reversing it in some cases. Much of this information is generally known or easily available. However, most don't know that shampoo, at times, affects hair loss.

Obviously, shampoo isn't the bad guy. People need shampoo to clean hair, keep it shiny and healthy looking. It also helps with dandruff and tangles. Shampoo also keeps follicles from getting clogged up with dirt and dust, which is needed for hair growth. How is shampoo a bad thing? It isn't. It is the type of shampoo, and specifically the chemicals used, that lead to hair loss. These three major chemicals are bad for hair health, and contribute to hair loss issues.

1. Sulfates

Many inexpensive shampoos use sulfates. According to studies, sulfates are irritants at concentrations of two percent. Many shampoos that use sulfates use a twenty percent concentration. Two major types of sulfates include sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS, and ammonium lauryl sulfate, or ALS. Why are these used? The fact is they increase the amount of foam for the shampoo, and are cheaper to use. It needs pointed out that two other chemicals cause issues. Sodium and ammonium laureth sulfate are irritants as well, and used in a lot of shampoos.

2. Sodium Chloride

Most recognize this as table salt. Again, why do they add this to certain brands of shampoo? It is a thickening agent when used with sulfates, especially with the SLS type. A lot of people hate getting shampoo in the eyes because it burns. A lot of this pain and irritation is due to the high sodium chloride content. It also irritates the scalp and causes itching. This is bad enough. However, it may play a hand in hair loss as well.

3. Formaldehyde

Yes, most people know what this is. Whether from science class or some crime television show, the name is recognizable. Most people don't know that it is an ingredient in some shampoo brands as well. Why would this ingredient be used? It mainly used for preservative properties, which makes sense. It also disinfects as well which is useful. Finally, it is cheap, which make it appealing for brands trying to keep prices down. However, it causes damage to DNA and impacts hair loss as well.

All three chemicals listed get used by companies to produce inexpensive shampoo. However, using these affects hair health and impacts hair loss over time. A first step is being aware. The next step is being a smart consumer. Reading labels is one of the best things people do for good health. People scrutinize labels for food all the time. They also need to scrutinize what they use on their hair. If a brand has multiple chemicals, it's best to play it safe and find something with less harsh ingredients. If hair loss is being experienced, there are many restoration systems and treatments available that help.

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