How Does Biotin Help With Hair Loss?

How Does Biotin Help With Hair Loss?

Millions of men and women experience hair loss each year. For those experiencing hair loss, there are more hair restoration solutions available now than ever before! Laser hair therapy, non-surgical hair grafts, hair integration, extensions, and topical hair regrowth treatments are just a few of the solutions available to those seeking to regain their full head of hair. When it comes to topical treatments, there is much talk surrounding the effectiveness of biotin for the regrowth of hair.

It is likely that you have heard of biotin and the benefits it has on hair, skin, and nails. What effect does biotin have on hair and can it help with hair loss? This guide will answer any and all of your questions concerning how biotin promotes hair growth.

What is Biotin?

Biotin infused supplements and hair products are popular for a reason. Biotin is an essential micronutrient and is a part of the vitamin B family. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in both certain foods and dietary supplements. The fact that it is water-soluble means biotin is not stored in the body and therefore must be consumed in sufficient quantities daily in order to reap the benefits and prevent a deficiency. Natural food sources of biotin include liver, meat, nuts, seeds, avocado, and dairy products just to name a few. The good news is that a true biotin deficiency is rare, but nevertheless, a deficiency will hinder the body's ability to carry out essential processes.

The Role of Biotin in the Body

Although it is only needed in small amounts, biotin plays a large role in the body. Its main function is to help convert certain nutrients in food into energy that the body is then able to use to carry out essential functions such as making up certain enzymes that are crucial to metabolic function. Biotin also plays an essential role in healthy hair, skin, and nails. What you may not know, is that although hair, skin, and nails all have very different textures, they all have one thing in common. They contain a protein called keratin.

How Does Biotin Contribute to a Healthy Head of Hair?

Before you can understand how biotin is beneficial to your luscious locks, it is important to understand the role of keratin in hair health. Keratin is the basic protein that your hair is comprised of. There is no doubt that you have heard of keratin hair treatment, shampoos, oils, and such. The fascinating thing about keratin is that it is considered to be a protective protein. This means it is less likely to tear as compared to other proteins in the body. One of the main functions of keratin is protecting epithelial cells from damage or stress. This characteristic makes it extremely beneficial to hair cells.

Biotin actually makes the infrastructure of keratin stronger, and therefore makes your hair less brittle and less likely to break. It also makes hair softer and aids in giving it a healthy glow.

Let the Leaders in Hair Loss Solutions Help You

New Image Hair Clinic understands how important a full head of hair is to feel your best. We also understand that every case is different and individuals experience hair loss for a variety of different reasons including genetic and medical. Our professional hair loss consultants will evaluate the cause of your hair loss and then present to you viable hair loss solution options. For some, this is biotin containing topical regrowth treatment. Whatever your hair loss needs may be we are here to help! Contact us today for a FREE hair analysis!


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