Can Caffeine Cure Hair Loss?

Can Caffeine Cure Hair Loss?

You may have heard recently that caffeine has been shown to positively effect hair growth and hair loss. You may have even noticed the recent release into the market of hair care product infused with caffeine. And while you have only recently heard about it, research studies released in 2014 are the source behind the growing interest in caffeine and hair. Given the growing interest, let’s explore how caffeine works in regard to hair growth and determine if caffeine can indeed cure hair loss.

Exploring Caffeine

As you probably know, caffeine is a stimulant. Scientifically speaking, caffeine is a trimethyl xanthine, an organic, bitter-tasting white crystalline water soluble compound, found in the leaves, seeds, and nuts of plants in South America, Africa, and Asia. For those plants, caffeine protects them against predatory insects, and prevents germination of seeds nearby. You are likely familiar with caffeine from its most famous source – coffee beans. Caffeine also occurs naturally in tea, cacao, kola nuts, yoco, guayusa, and guarana, to name a few.

The Caffeine – Hair Growth Connection

Caffeine, for many, is a must have in the morning to help with the awakening process. What you probably weren’t aware of is that caffeine helps increase blood circulation to your scalp, which in turn enhances the health of your hair follicles. While studies have shown caffeine to be a help to hair growth, it won’t likely come from drinking your morning cup of coffee. In truth, studies have shown you’d have to drink around 50 cups of coffee to get the benefits of hair growth that way. It’s simply not safe and not something you want to do! But caffeine still may offer help for hair growth, which has been shown in further studies in which the hair follicle was shown to absorb caffeine directly with ease.

Enter the tea rinses, coffee scrubs, and cacao massages for use on the scalp. Massaging these products into your scalp, not only increases blood circulate, but stimulates follicles which may grow stronger hair more quickly. Research has shown that caffeine treatments for hair actually resulted in a longer hair growth stage, increased the size of the hair room, and enhanced keratin production. The study even concluded that after a prolonged period, topically applied caffeine stimulated the hair follicle helping increase hair growth and decrease hair loss.

How Does Caffeine Work for Hair?

Caffeine has been shown to promote hair growth in the preliminary phases. To do so, caffeine combats DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone known to cause hair loss by blocking the needed proteins, minerals, and vitamins needed by the hair follicles for healthy hair growth. By targeting DHT, caffeine encourages hair cells to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which encourages hair growth.

The efficacy of caffeine in encouraging hair growth varies from person to person. The research indicates female hair follicles are most receptive to caffeine treatment, though it can be effective in reducing hair loss and increasing hair growth in both males and females.

Topical applications for hair growth with caffeine, as mentioned, come in a variety of forms. From tea rinses to coffee scrubs, to other products infused with natural caffeine, there are a number of applications for introducing caffeine to your hair follicles. Whatever application you choose, keep in mind that scrubbing gently will aid in the absorption of the caffeine by your hair follicles.

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