Dying Your Hair - Will It Cause Your Hair to Thin?

Can Dying My Hair Cause My Hair to Thin?

Hair dying is a simple way of creating an entirely new look for yourself. Many older adults dye their hair to hide telltale signs of aging, such as gray hair, while others change their hair color to make a statement or because they find the color more attractive than their natural hair color. Whatever the reason for choosing to dye your hair, there is always a concern for whether the process will damage your scalp and hair and lead to thinning hair or hair loss.

Will Hair Dying Damage My Hair?

Hair dye works by using chemicals that alter the hair structure and enable the color to penetrate the hair shaft. Many dyes use harsh chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia, which can damage the hair and cause unintended issues. These chemicals are found in both temporary and permanent hair dyes, and while they are necessary for the color to penetrate the hair strands, they also alter the cellular structure. The altered hair strands often become dry and brittle, causing them to break and become damaged easily.

To change the color of your hair, a hair dye must penetrate the hair shaft's outer layer. This outer layer, known as the cuticle, helps to protect the strand of hair for damage. Ammonia is commonly used in hair dyes to cause the cuticle to swell and lift, enabling the dyes and peroxide to penetrate.

As the chemicals are applied, they begin to immediately penetrate the shaft, changing the hair's structure, weakening it and making it more porous. This damage can be partially repaired with the use of a color-stop shampoo or ph-balancing conditioner. Still, the hair strand is permanently damaged, making it more susceptible to breakage. Some hair dye products are marketed as ammonia-free but contain ingredients that serve the same purpose. While ammonia-free products may not have the harsh odor of ammonia, they cause equal damage.

Once the cuticle is lifted, dyes and hydrogen peroxide are used to penetrate the shaft. The peroxide remains until the desired color is achieved before being rinsed out of the hair. Hydrogen peroxide removes moisture from the hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

The longer these chemicals are in contact with the hair, the more damage that occurs. The chemicals found in hair dyes and the process itself can damage and weaken the hair shaft. Hair dying involves rubbing, combing, and manipulating the hair, which can loosen strands, and increase shedding.

Will Dying My Hair Cause My Hair to Thin?

The dyes and chemicals used in hair dyes do not penetrate the scalp, harm the hair follicle, or damage hair that has not emerged yet. Dying your hair will not affect new hair growth or cause permanent thinning, but damage to the color-treated hair may increase shedding and breakage.

People who frequently color their hair often experience thinning hair or hair loss due to breakage and increased shedding instead of permanent hair loss. The leading cause of this is the weakening of the hair shaft caused by the process and the chemicals used. Products used to lighten hair typically are the most damaging because of the quantity of peroxide used and the amount of time needed to achieve the desired color.

New Image Can Help

At New Image Hair Clinic, we can determine if the hair dying process is the cause of your thinning hair or if other factors are involved. We are experts at helping with thinning hair and hair loss. Our team can help determine the cause of your thinning hair and customize a solution to promote healthy hair growth and make you feel confident. To learn more about the effects of hair dying and the causes and treatments available for thinning hair, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.


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