Can Laser Hair Therapy Help Me With My Hair Loss?

Can Laser Hair Therapy Help Me With My Hair Loss?

Many effective treatments are available to treat thinning hair and hair loss and help you restore your hair. One of the most effective and safest solutions available for restoring your hair is low-level laser light therapy.

What is Low-Level Laser Light Therapy?

Low-level laser light therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, is a form of treatment proven to be an effective method of dealing with many medical issues. Unlike the high-power surgical lasers used to cut tissue, low-power lasers do not produce heat or destroy tissue. Instead, low-level laser lights have been shown to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate or enhance cell function.

History gives credit for discovering the biological effects of low-level laser light therapy to Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician and surgeon. Shortly after the invention of the ruby laser in 1961, Mester was attempting to replicate an experiment to show that laser lights could reduce tumors in mice. The laser he used was faulty and didn't produce the intensity level he needed to affect the tumors, but he did make an important observation.

When preparing the experiment, Mester shaved the hair off mice in the area to be treated with the laser. While Mester's laser did nothing to the tumors, he observed that the hair grew back more quickly in the mice treated with the low-power laser light than in his untreated control group. In 1967, Mester published the results of his research and developed the first cold laser therapy device.

Can Laser Hair Therapy Help Me With My Hair Loss?

Research shows that when human tissue is exposed to low-level laser light at the correct wavelength, the light energy is absorbed, and a photochemical reaction occurs in the tissue. Low-level laser light therapy reduces inflammation, increases blood flow to the treated area, and enables damaged cells and tissue to heal.

Laser hair therapy is a clinically proven treatment that utilizes medical-grade lasers to deliver safe, low-level laser light to your scalp. As the light energy is absorbed by your scalp and hair follicles, circulation increases, providing additional essential vitamins, minerals, and oxygen to your hair follicles. The result is that the cellular activity in your hair follicles increases, helping you to slow hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

Low-level laser hair therapy is an FDA-approved treatment proven to be a safe and effective treatment option for hereditary hair loss conditions experienced by both men and women. The treatment is a straightforward experience that is comfortable, relaxing, completely non-invasive, and pain-free.

While laser hair therapy is effective when used alone, the treatment is frequently used as part of a comprehensive hair restoration plan to enhance the effects of other treatments. Laser hair therapy is often combined with topical hair growth and scalp treatment products formulated to meet your specific needs.

Clinical studies have consistently shown that low-level laser light therapy stimulates hair follicles by increasing blood flow to the scalp. The treatment stops the progression of hair loss, promotes regrowth, increases hair strength and elasticity, and encourages the growth of fuller, shinier, softer, and thicker hair.

Laser Hair Therapy From New Image

Laser hair therapy has a long record as an effective treatment for thinning hair and hair loss, and the process is continuously improving. At New Image Hair Clinic, we are proud to offer our clients the most advanced laser hair therapy options available today. To learn more about laser hair therapy and find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.


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