At New Image Hair Clinic, we are pleased to provide a spectrum of solutions for men in the Tri-State area. No matter the extent of your hair loss and no matter your aesthetic goals, we can connect you with an option that will help you look and feel fully confident. One option we can provide is access to world-class hair extensions for men.

Hair extensions are a great option for men whose hair loss is mild to moderate, and who are simply looking to add a little bit of volume or length to their hair. Hair extensions can be seamlessly integrated into your natural, growing hair for a real-looking appearance. Alternatively, hair extensions for men can provide an ideal opportunity to experiment with new colors or textures.

There are a number of reasons why men choose hair extensions, starting with the fact that they represent a completely non-surgical treatment option. Additionally, hair extensions for men can work well for any lifestyle, providing a secure and comfortable option for hair replacement.

We are pleased to provide some of the top brands for hair extensions for men. During your consultation appointment, we’ll be happy to share more details about the hair extensions that are right for you.