For women experiencing notable hair loss, one of the most popular options is the custom hair restoration system. These systems are a long-term and completely natural-looking form of hair replacement, without the need for surgical intervention. At New Image Hair Clinic, we are happy to provide hair systems for women throughout the North Huntingdon, PA area.

While there are a number of female hair system brands to choose from, they all work in much the same way. A super-thin membrane is custom-tailored to your scalp, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Into that membrane, individual hairs are carefully inserted. Our women’s hair systems use only the highest quality of virgin hair, meaning it has never been bleached or chemically processed. This hair can be cut, colored, and styled however you like.

Women like these custom systems because they can naturally integrate the hair growing on your scalp, and because they can create a gradual hair restoration option that makes it look like you are simply growing out your own, natural hair.

When you join us at New Image Hair Clinic, we will be happy to discuss the specific female hair system brands we offer and to begin the process of fitting you for your own custom hair replacement system.