Dry Scalp and Hair Loss

Dry Scalp and Hair Loss

For millions of men and women, a dry and itchy scalp creates an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. Some people think it's connected to hair loss, and there's a very real possibility that they could be right. A well-nourished and healthy scalp provides the ideal environment for hair growth, so it's important to tackle it if it becomes a problem.

Causes of Dandruff and Dry Scalp

It's no secret that certain factors like disease, skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, etc.), and stress are known for causing excessive dryness of the scalp. But there are other surprising factors that could also be responsible. Dry weather can lead to dry skin, so this can cause dry scalp and dandruff as well. Similarly, spending time indoors where the heat or air conditioning is frequently running can do the same thing, as can excessive time outdoors and jumping in the pool during the summer months.

While the weather can certainly be responsible for how healthy your scalp is, there are a number of other elements that may play a part as well. Certain medications can cause the patient taking them to develop a dry and itchy scalp, and so can having poor eating habits and being dehydrated. Most commonly, though, the issue lies in using the wrong hair care products - or simply using them too often.

Despite what we would like to believe, the way some shampoos and conditioners are formulated makes them too harsh to use on our scalp every day. They can cause any number of problems, particularly if the user is sensitive to certain perfumes or chemicals. The frequent use of electrical heated styling devices like blow dryers and curling irons and even coloring your hair heightens the risk of experiencing a dry scalp and the hair loss that can follow as a result.

A Few Solutions

Thankfully, there are a number of ways to resolve hair loss that may be due to a dry scalp. We provide several options tailored to suit both men and women and cater to their personal needs.

Laser Hair Therapy

This method has been around for a long time, and the technology has improved greatly in recent years. It uses an FDA approved low-level laser to improve the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, which in turn encourages healthy, natural hair growth. It's ideal for patients with thinning hair or those with hair loss due to chemicals, medications, and scalp conditions.

Wigs and Extensions

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. We offer wigs and extensions that are customized to fit each individual patient for the most natural look possible, and they're designed to provide natural fullness and length while also remaining durable and versatile.


This procedure combines new hair with what you already have, essentially providing extra volume and cover in those spots where your natural hair is thin or has fallen out. For women in particular, hair thinning is more of a problem than total hair loss, and for many this is an ideal solution with a natural appearance that's more permanent than wigs or extensions.


Another approach to promoting natural hair growth involves the use of topical products designed specifically for that purpose. It's one of the best non-surgical and non-invasive methods, and it works great when combined with other treatments, especially laser therapy. 

If you're experiencing dry scalp or hair loss, contact New Image Hair Clinic to schedule a free consultation. We offer many more solutions than we listed here and our hair specialists can help you find the perfect one to fit your individual needs.


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