Thank you for your fairness and understanding. People, like you and Bonnie, are why I look forward to my monthly trip there for my haircut.

I have been a client at New Image for 5 years - I could not be HAPPIER! I knew nothing about hair loss treatment when I scheduled my first consultation with New Image. I decided to buy and wear a hair piece rather than do surgery (because it gave me a fuller looking front hairline right away). I had no idea that a hair piece could look so real and natural.

I can say confidently that with this hairpiece on I've been able to work an outdoor summer job (sweating the whole time), gone swimming, had professional photographs taken and never felt subconscious about my hair or nervous that it would come loose.

My favorite aspect of New Image is that they offer long term stability programs designed to maintain hairpieces longer (by offering professional cutting/service of your hairpiece) and they allow you to replenish worn out ones at lower costs.

Although buying a hairpiece and maintaining it can seem expensive when you first consider it I have found that when enrolled in one of the programs that New Image offers that the cost is worth it. I spend about as much on cell phones for my family each year as I do having perfect looking hair all the time.

The entire staff is wonderful. They even helped me tweak the ""specs"" of the hairpieces I was ordering to be thicker in the middle so that they would last a little longer.

I will remain a loyal client of New Image as long as their doors are open.

I was in a farming accident when I was 4 years old and had 85% of my scalp torn off and the Dr.'s were not able to replace it so I have very little hair on my head and thanks to Frank and the people at New Image Hair Clinic they have made me feel like a normal woman with hair. I love the hair pieces I get from them they are top quality and the staff there is great. They are super friendly and when I call they know who I am and always ask how I am doing and are very polite. I would recommend New Image Hair Clinic to anyone who is in need of hair in fact I already have. Thank you New Image.

New Image Hair Clinic has been a miracle worker for me. Love themI

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for many of the positive changes that have come into my life since becoming a client of New Image Hair Clinic. It is a rarity in life when you get more than what you bargain for, and in choosing to take the hair replacement route, that's exactly what happened. When I chose my first unit, I was simply looking for a way to "cover up" a high forehead that I felt I was too young for. What I received though was much more than this cosmetic covering. I received unexpectedly new confidence, strength, youth, vigor, and a more pleasant life experience. Although it's not truly my hair, it looks and feels that way and for me, that's sufficient. I know having the look of having hair has helped me in ways I probably don't even realize. Probably one of my most satisfying moments was when one of my clients who is a hair stylist reached out touched my hair and said I had nice hair. In fact, I hear that a lot! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

You've turned my life around from depression to a life full of happiness. As you can see, I have a full head of hair--- Thanks to your staff, I didn't even tell my wife until we were married. You know something she would have never known, if I didn't tell her. Thanks for making me smile again.

Apologies for not being overly enthusiastic at first but it only took about an hour after I left to get "adjusted" to my "new image." Everyone loves it and comments how "natural" looking. Geez! I can't walk into a restaurant now, without having to beat woman off me. Well hey you guys know what its like! Frank if you ever need a customer referral call me at. Sharon - thanks you did a nice job.

I never thought that I could feel good about myself again, Till I met you. You have made me look 30 years younger, and on the top of the world. Everyone tells me I look like I'm 19 years old. You all are the best at what you do.

My daughter Lindsey, who is a 15 year old Alopecia Areata Patient, is a client of yours. I purchased 1 unit last summer/fall for her. At first, it was OK and a little difficult to maintain. Your staff worked very hard to work with these congeners (Kathy, Jade and, Bonnie and Cookie- I know I am forgetting at 3 other persons who were quite helpful). I decided to purchase another unit the ""Lace"" I'm telling you, Cookie sculpted a mold that truly fit my child's head. She took time to match up webbing materials with my daughters' skin and hair color. She and I matched the lace to her complexion. We choose the hair color and texture, etc. Now, I know you might say, that is exactly what she is supposed to do, but Cookie would not stop until everything was perfect. Believe me, it took a great deal of time.

The process did not stop there; she kept in constant contact with the manufacture. She kept in contact with me, as well. Each and every time we came in for servicing, she had great words of encouragement. Bonnie, incidentally, devised another way of working with the first unit to try to get it a bit more manageable.

Cookie and Bonnie are to be commended. I truly don't think that they looked at this as a job, but as giving a 15-year-old girl, the right to hold her head high. I will always be grateful to your staff, but especially Bonnie and Regina for that human touch.

Just a note to let you know how I appreciate the fine service which you offer at New Image Hair Clinic. I want to complement you and your staff for the professionalism and concern, which you display toward your individual clients.

Upon my initial introductory visit with yourself and your staff, I was impressed with that high level professionalism and concern which you and your staff displayed toward me as a prospective client.

Since that day (over four years ago) I can assure you that the high quality of service and confidentiality which you and your staff have provided me clearly has held true with the test of time. I continue to look forward to each and every visit as your staff is always prompt with the scheduled appointments, outstandingly pleasant, and they always make me feel welcome.

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  • What I received though was much more than this cosmetic covering. I received unexpectedly new confidence, strength, youth, vigor, and a more pleasant life experience. Although it's not truly my hair, it looks and feels that way and for me, that's sufficient. I know having the look of having hair has helped me in ways I probably don't even realize.

    — Robert

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