04 / 08 / 16

Going Gray: Fact vs. Fiction

Gray hair is a fact of life and while there are a lot of stories about what will and what won’t turn your hair gray, here are a few facts about many common gray hair myths.

Plucking one gray hair causes two more to grow

Who hasn’t heard this old wives tale? While this is one of the oldest myths about gray hair, there’s not a bit of truth to it. Each follicle is only capable of producing one hair. Plucking does not change that. Although this means you don’t have to worry about more grays suddenly sprouting, too much plucking isn’t good for you either. Excessive plucking can damage the follicles and even stop hair production in that area altogether.

Excessive sunlight causes hair to turn gray

Mostly fiction. Sunlight will not age our hair the same way as it does with our skin. It will not turn hair gray, However, leading Trichologists do believe that hair that is already gray may be more susceptible to sun damage because it has less melanin. Sun damage can result in dryer, more brittle hair and create more split ends.

Fright or stress can cause hair to turn gray overnight

The myth is that a major shock or sudden fright will cause your hair to suddenly turn gray. It’s not actually true. Once a hair has sprouted, it cannot change color on its own. As for stress, that can’t turn your hair gray either, but what it can do is cause temporary hair loss.

Heredity or genetics causes gray hair

This is true. When and how your hair will turn gray is already predetermined when you are born. However genetics isn’t the only culprit. Ethnicity has also been linked to graying hair with Caucasians going gray in their mid-30s, Asians in their late-30s, and African Americans in their 40s.

Over production of hydrogen peroxide

Major fact! Though, this is still confusing. In 2009, European researchers discovered the true reason for graying hair. Our hair cells naturally produce hydrogen peroxide, but when the cells produce too much, it turns the hair gray. What specifically causes too much hydrogen to be produced in the first place though, is still being researched. For now, we only really know that it happens.

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