03 / 20 / 13

Hair Loss Myths

This month, New Image Hair Clinic gets to the bottom of hair loss myths and common beliefs about why men and women lose their hair. When an individual begins to lose their hair, anxiety can set in and a flurry of foregone conclusions can drive them down the wrong path. Below is a list of common myths that professionals hear about in the industry:

“Wearing a Hat for Years has Resulted in My Hair Falling Out”

From helmets to ball caps, rumor has it that hats cause eventual hair loss. This myth is FALSE. This theory comes from the idea of excess stress and tugging on hair follicles. However, wearing a hat is not considered, “excess” on the follicles like hair braids hair extensions and other hairstyles can be. As long as you keep the hat clean by rotating their use and/or washing them, they should not result in stress or scalp infection. Take care of your hair and make sure that your scalp and hair are always clean. Dirt has the ability to clog follicles. Shampoo 2-3 times per week and condition daily.

“Hair Loss is Passed Down From Your Mother’s Side of the Family”

For years now, it has been thought that hair loss was inherited from the mother’s side of the family. This myth is FALSE. The primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome, which men only get from their mothers; however there are other factors that come into play. For instance, research shows that men who have bald fathers are more likely to develop male pattern baldness.

“Substantial Sun Exposure On My Head Has Resulted In My Hair Loss”

This statement is simply FALSE. Your hair actually acts as a shield against your scalp. Hair loss in both men and women appear at the follicle level and the sun would have to penetrate at this depth in order to truly contribute to any damage.

“Stress Has Resulted in My Hair Loss Over the Years”

This myth is TRUE. Severe amounts of stress has the ability to cause temporary hair loss (alopecia areata) However, the scalp has the ability to recover and hair can grow back as a result.

“Smoking Can Cause Hair Discoloration and Hair Loss”

This myth is TRUE. According to J. G. Mosley of the Leigh Infirmary in Lancashire, England in an article in Science News (January 11, 1997) smokers are four times more likely to have gray hair than non-smokers. Even worse, smoking has been conclusively connected to accelerated hair loss.

Thankfully, there are ways that may help further prevent hair loss and even restore your hair! At New Image Hair Clinic, you matter. How you feel about your hair loss and making the right choice to solve it matters. We encourage you to take the time and review your options. Then come in for a no cost, no obligation private hair loss consultation.