Is your Shampoo and Conditioner Responsible for your Hair Loss
03 / 08 / 18

Is your Shampoo and Conditioner Responsible for your Hair Loss

Shampoos and conditioners are marketed by their manufacturers as magical products that can make your hair healthy, shiny and dandruff-free. However, the truth is that many of these products contain ingredients that can actually damage your hair and irritate your scalp. In some extreme cases, the ingredients can also cause or aggravate hair loss. Whether you're facing genetic or lifestyle-related hair loss problems, it is best to read the labels of the hair products you use to avoid any additives in your hair care routine.

How Do Shampoos & Conditioners Work?

Shampoos tend to clean your hair in various ways. Using surfactants, a special blend of ingredients, shampoos help in striping your hair of any dirt or soil. The surfactant binds with all the dirt, soil or sebum and dead skin in your scalp and as the shampoo is washed, it takes away all these things with it. Many shampoos also contain specific ingredients like thickeners, emulsifiers, color additives, scents and foaming boosters, based on their purpose.

Conditioners are marketed as products designed to make your hair easier to manage and less static. Ingredients like silicones and fatty alcohols help in lubricating the hair follicles after a shampoo cleanse. Normally, conditioners are used to detangle hair and make them shinier and softer.

What's the Problem?

The Claims Are Unrealistic – Often, the shampoo and conditioners tend to add a coat of synthetic compounds to your hair, which is what the exaggerated claims on the bottle are all about. However, these effects are often gone in a few washes. Thus, you will never see any ads for any permanent effects like frizz reduction, shine, volume lifts or dandruff control on these bottles.

Long-Term Adverse Effects – Based on your exposure to the products, you can experience a compounded negative consequence on your health as the ingredients are hormone-disrupting and carcinogenic.

Shampoos Accelerate Hair Thinning – All the oils made by your body to naturally preserve your hair are washed off with the shampoo. This tends to worsen your scalp's health and can also result in excessive sebum production, which will lead to pattern baldness.

The Culprit Ingredients 


These are man-made preservatives that are found in cosmetics and personal care products. Parabens can disrupt your endocrine system and lead to diseases associated with hormonal imbalance, including hair loss.


These are present in plastics as well as shampoos and can have detrimental consequences to our hair as well as our health. When you apply shampoo to your scalp, you are heading towards the problems associated with hair loss. These ingredients are often disguised as a fragrance on your shampoo bottles.


This is often the first listed product on shampoo bottles and gets accumulated in your body every time you rub a hair care product with Sulfates on your scalp. These are compounds derived from coconuts but in the extraction and processing, a multitude of carcinogenic byproducts are created.


These are also preservatives that are present in shampoos which can contribute towards hair loss in both, men and women. For a long time, formaldehyde was even present in kids' shampoos.

Ask the Experts

Research suggests that a build-up of trapped sebum (grease) over time on the scalp is a large contributor to hair loss. Shampoos and conditioners play a major role in the entrapment of sebum on your scalp and eventually contribute to hair loss. Rather than worrying about your hair loss and trying multiple off-the-shelf products that might worsen your case, it is best to consult experts who can identify the real cause and suggest effective hair restoration solutions. At New Image Hair Clinic, you can get a free confidential consultation from our knowledgeable professionals and get your crowning glory restored. 

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