Will My Hair Loss Treatment Take Time to Start Working?
03 / 21 / 22

Will My Hair Loss Treatment Take Time to Start Working?

Life can be difficult and discouraging for women and men experiencing hair loss and hair thinning. Beginning your hair loss treatment journey can help you look and feel better, but sometimes it can make you anxious. You can constantly question how long the results will take to show or how well the hair loss treatment method will work. Well, different hair loss treatment methods take different times to start working. Some may show instantly, while others may take some weeks to a couple of months to show. At New Image Hair Clinic, we have a variety of hair loss treatments that you can choose from depending on your hair goals and how soon you want to see the results.

Hair Loss Treatments With Instant Results

If you are looking to achieve thicker, longer, and fuller hair instantly, below are several hair-loss treatment options to try:


Wigs are a great option if you prefer the flexibility of different hairstyles or if you want to remove the hair daily. You should choose a wig that fits you perfectly as it will help you feel comfortable and achieve a natural look. At New Image Hair Clinic, you can choose wigs of different lengths and styles, and the team can customize them to match your hair color and texture.

Extensions and Hair Integration

If you encounter thinning hair, getting hair extensions or hair integration can help you achieve instant results. You can choose Invisistrand extensions, UltraTress or UltraTress II extensions, or Ultralinks hair extensions. These extensions are made by hand and 100% Remi human hair to provide quality and durability.

You can also choose to integrate your hair with new hair to provide maximum coverage and fullness. The team at New Image Hair Clinic will evaluate your needs and recommend an effective extension that will suit your needs.

Hair Restoration Systems

Folligraft and Permagraft involve a skin-like membrane being added to your scalps' outer layer of the skin without surgery, then infusing hair into the skin-like membrane. The hair looks perfectly natural, and the scalp is still visible through the hair. This process takes a few hours to complete allowing you to walk out with soft, resilient, and beautiful "real-like" hair.

Hair Loss Treatments That May Take Longer to Show

Laser Hair Therapy

The low-level laser technology works by stimulating blood flow to your hair follicles to improve the quality of your hair and may encourage additional growth. Laser hair therapy may be your solution if you're still in the early stage of hair loss and have experienced hair loss from over colored hair, alopecia, telogen effluvium, etc. The results may take a couple months to show.

Topical Thickening

In Topical Thickening, topical medication is applied to your hair to potentially enhance its growth. This method is non-invasive and non-surgical, and it works best when done together with laser therapy. The results will take a couple of weeks to show, but you should be consistent with the topical medication recommended.

Hair Follicle Analysis

Hair follicle analysis uses the newest advanced technologies to remedy damaged and thinning hair. It works by slowing, stopping or reversing your hair loss. The procedure does not require a lot of down time as it can be done within an hour, but the results may take a bit longer to show. If you want to see better results, you can combine it with Laser Hair Therapy.

Begin Your Hair Loss Treatment Today

At New Image Hair Clinic, we have the hair loss treatment you are looking for. Our kind and professional staff will guide you into choosing the most effective treatment plan for you, depending on the extreme of your hair loss or thinning. Contact us today for top-notch services and to schedule your FREE consultation.