Is Follicular Transfer a Permanent Hair Loss Treatment?

Is Follicular Transfer a Permanent Hair Loss Treatment?

Follicular Transfer, also known as FT, and is a state-of-the-art hair restoration treatment. It is also called an FUE (Follicular Unit Excision or Follicular Unit Extraction). The technique transplants small numbers of hair follicles from areas of the scalp where they continue to grow genetically for life. When considering hair restoration treatments, the most common question asked is whether follicular transfer is a permanent hair loss treatment. New Image Hair Clinic is here today to help you find out!

FUE Transplants Explained

An FUE transplant is, in fact, a permanent hair loss treatment, but over the course of a lifetime, some individuals require more than one procedure to maintain the healthy, thick, head of hair desired. Why? During an FUE transplant, the surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the areas of your scalp where they are genetically coded to grow for your entire life. In most cases, this means the sides or back of your head. Once removed, the surgeon transplants them into the areas where hair has been lost. These hair grafts will shed naturally following the procedure but will begin to grow and mature over time (10 – 15 months). The transplanted hair follicles keep their original character and grow for life, even though they have been moved from one location to another. The transplanted follicles and their hair are normal hair that can be washed, cut, and treated as your original hair.
After and with proper care, an FUE transplant is for life.

What about the Need for Additional FUE Treatments?

If FUE transplants are permanent, why is there sometimes a need for additional FUE treatments? In some cases, the cause arises from the fact that hair loss in many people is progressive. So, though your transplanted hair will remain for the long term, your original hair may continue to thin, and in order to keep the look and thickness you want, additional FUE transplants may be needed. In most cases, those who have undergone an FUE transplant do not mind having an additional one to maintain their new look. Of course, it is important to remember, in many instances, all hair loss cannot be replaced, but using hair loss medication can slow down additional thinning and loss. Adding density and thickness is more readily achieved through more than one FUE treatment over the course of time to protect the hair follicles and scalp.

Though less frequent, at other times, individuals have unsuccessful transplant procedures, often performed in other countries with little regulation, and request corrective procedures for their previous transplant. In these cases, the professional team at New Image, can advise you regarding the improvement of previous procedures.

Taking Care of Your Hair Following an FUE Treatment

If you are experiencing hair loss, or you have had an FUE transplant, it is crucial to take the best care of your hair. This may mean taking hair growth and thickening medication to decrease your hair loss, thus reducing the need for additional transplants. At New Image, you can expect the best in aftercare for every hair restoration treatment provided, including ongoing support, monitoring of your progress, and keeping your scalp healthy.

Contact Us New Image Hair Clinic for Hair Restoration Solutions

When experiencing hair loss or thinning, the first step is a FREE consultation. At New Image Hair Clinic, we promise to give you realistic, honest advice following a comprehensive exam and consultation. Our affiliations with two premier medical transplant surgeons give you access to the most advanced hair transplant treatments available. And while transplant surgery is not the solution for everyone with hair loss or thinning, at New Image Hair Clinic, we promise to find a hair restoration solution that is right for you. Contact us today, for your FREE consultation and find out if follicular transplant is the optimal solution for you.



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