Can a Hormone Imbalances Cause Hair Loss?

Hormone Imbalances and Hair Loss

Hormone imbalances are one of the main factors that contribute to hair loss in both men and women. Changes in hormone levels can cause hair follicles to begin producing weaker strands of hair and, if not addressed, to stop producing hair altogether.

Estrogen Levels and Hair Loss

Estrogen is a hormone that women produce naturally high levels but is found in both men and women. When estrogen levels become unbalanced, the normal function of the hair follicle and the hair's growth cycle is disrupted, leading to thinning hair and hair loss.

Women experience hormone cycles throughout their lives, and a variety of factors causes imbalances. Puberty is associated with the highest estrogen levels, while menopausal women typically experience the most significant decline. Hormone production usually increases during pregnancy, but new mothers often experience a drop in estrogen levels after giving birth, which may result in thinning hair and hair loss. Additionally, medical conditions, such as thyroid issues, can affect hormone production.

Estrogen is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands, and during and after menopause, the ovaries' estrogen production significantly decreases. Ideal levels of estrogen help to promote the growth of thick healthy hair while low levels stall the hair growth cycle, leading to thinning hair and eventually hair loss if not corrected. While prescription medication is often used to help regulate hormone imbalances, often, as in the case of pregnancy, the body heals, and hormonal regulation naturally returns to normal.

Testosterone Levels and Hair Loss

Testosterone is also produced in the ovaries and adrenals, and in addition to being responsible for muscle growth is another primary hormone that dictates hair growth. Though hair loss is genetic for many people, your thinning hair could result from fluctuating testosterone levels, which are causing or speeding up the process. High or low levels of the hormone can cause thinning hair and hair loss in both men and women.

Like women, as men age, they experience biological changes, which cause a decrease in hormone production. The production of testosterone can decrease significantly and lead to a variety of symptoms, including hair loss.
While testosterone plays a critical role in hair loss, many researchers believe that dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of the hormone, is the primary cause of hair loss. DHT attacks the hair follicles, causing them to shrink and making it impossible for healthy hair to survive.

Typically, women have only a fraction of the testosterone levels found in men. Still, the conversion of testosterone to DHT occurs in both men and women, and even a low level of the hormone can cause DHT- triggered hair loss.

Can Hair Loss Due to Hormone Imbalance be Reversed?

Irregular hormone levels are an issue that affects both men and women. A Hormone imbalance is diagnosed with a simple blood test, which indicates which hormones are out of balance. Hormones perform best when they are in a perfect balance, and anything that disturbs this balance can cause many biological responses, including thinning hair and hair loss.

Both men and women are susceptible to losing hair when hormone levels change, but the good news is these conditions are usually reversible. Hormone imbalances are often treated with prescription medications, but changes to your daily routine, such as adjusting your diet, getting more exercise, and changing your sleep habits, can also impact your body's hormone balance.

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Many factors can cause thinning hair and hair loss and symptoms can manifest differently from one person to another. At New Image Hair Clinic, our staff of experts works closely with you to determine the exact cause of your hair loss and develop a custom treatment plan based on proven solutions. To learn more about how hormone imbalances can cause hair loss and what you can do about it, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.


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